About us

Al-Masdar (Saudi Systems Corporation - SSC), established in 1990, as a systems integrator company specializing in the provisioning of products and services in the Information and communivation technology (ICT) fields.

SSC Today is a leader in information and communication technology with headquarters in Riyadh and operations across Saudi Arabia.
We Serve most of Saudi Arabia's larg enterprises, governmental and private, as well as tailoring solutions to smaller organizations with individual needs.

  • Professional Services
  • Software Development


When We Start our Journery
Historical Perspective

Few years after,SSC entered in a joint veuture agreement with Oracle, the world number one Database and ERP solutions.

Saudi Oracle Co. uses bornel at that time.Today, SSC is a preferred partener with Saudi Oracle.

Partenership with other world wile companies has taken place such as : Hughes for solution and communication ,Everteam for documents management systems,PACT for ERP(private sector solutions),..etc

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Our Goal

We are inline with the Kingdom vision of 2030, in particlar refrence to Information technology. the rapid development ,in all aspects of life,we have seen since the announcement of the great 2030 vision meant that IT will play a major role in achieving it. this means SSC,with it accumlated experience will adapt whatever the trends in the IT solution to satisfy any demands of it clients.