Integrated Solutions

This diversity of intelligent integrated solutions offered by Al-Masdar is a result of the different fields and scope of work for its customers in the public and private sectors.

One of the most important things that made SSC distinguished from the others is the diversity of the nature of the work of its customers, even if they are governmental or private. In government: security, military, educational, economic, cultural and other sectors. This diversity applies to the private sectors of the media, heritage, education and others.


There are many intelligent integrated solutions provided by the company specifically:



Primavera – Unifier from Oracle

It aims at providing control and full management of your projects by being paper less.

Document Management Systems (DMS)

Be Smart by saving your valuable documents for the future needs.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Chatbots (AI)

The application of software that mimics human users to perform repeatable processes and tasks that previously required a human to perform

Smart Applications

HR, Finance, Warehouses and others

ERP for private & public sectors

providing the latest in the technology and easy to implement and use at affordable price. Client for Pact: Arabian Services Company Ltd.

Time Attendance System

covers both facial recognition and fingerprint capture. With its Bio Time Web-based time and attendance management software.

Mobile Apps

Some description for mobile Apps

Communication Services

Linking sites and Internet via satellite services

Smart solutions

Specialized in the daily work of an enterprise

Security Solutions

Security Solutions Description

LAN/WAN Solutions

Connecting the same location or link with other branches

On-Site Training

We provide an On-Site Training.

Maintenance and Technical Support

We provide Maintenance and Technical Support.

Cloud/on premise applications

we to provide cloud based applications which are hosted on vendor’s servers and accessed through a web browser.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

At SSC we aim to protect your organization from the effects of significant negative events.