Internet Services (IS)

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We offer e-business consulting services over a wide range of

business applications with packaged software or custom-built

applications. Where package solutions are too limited and

complete custom-built systems too expensive, we tailor proven

application packages and combine them with custom-developed

software to meet the special needs of our customers. Special

emphasis may be given to designing these systems to be

integrated with existing applications so as to leverage the overall

IT investment.

We specialize in the provision of Oracle E-Business Applications

We have a proven history of enabling enterprise transformation

through technical implementation and training that creates on-

going positive results and visible business improvement.

We use the latest in system development tools and methodologies

to produce applications that work. Our services can be utilized on

a piecemeal basis or as part of the total solution which also include

computer hardware and communications equipment.

Saudi Systems Corporation professionals are skilled in all aspects

of the system development life cycle (SDLC), providing the

following services:

Feasibility Studies

Systems Construction & Testing

Project Management

Facilities Installation

Requirements Definition

Integration & Implementation

Analysis and Modeling Training

Systems and Database Design

Post Implementation Support

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Application Services (AS).

We provide a full range of services that encompass today's ICT

requirements, from strategic systems planning, through

systems development and implementation, including

maintenance and support. We specialize in the installation and

integration of the e-Government Suite which is a complete set

of applications that runs entirely on the Internet.

Systems Integration (SI)

This division focuses on four ICT disciplines: Office

Automation, Electronic Prepress Systems, Images & Documents

Management Systems and ICT Training Laboratories.